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Free­dom, respect for human rights and peri­od­ic and genu­ine elec­tions by uni­ver­sal suf­frage are essen­tial ele­ments of democracy.

Essen­tial ele­ments of democracy:

  • Respect for human rights and fun­da­ment­al freedoms
  • Free­dom of association
  • Free­dom of expres­sion and opinion
  • Access to power and its exer­cise in accord­ance with the rule of law
  • The hold­ing of peri­od­ic free and fair elec­tions by uni­ver­sal suf­frage and by secret bal­lot as the expres­sion of the will of the people
  • A plur­al­ist­ic sys­tem of polit­ic­al parties and organizations
  • The sep­ar­a­tion of powers
  • The inde­pend­ence of the judiciary
  • Trans­par­ency and account­ab­il­ity in pub­lic administration
  • Free, inde­pend­ent and plur­al­ist­ic media

If you are fight­ing for human rights, rule of law,  or invest­ig­at­ing and fight­ing against cor­rup­tion you are fight­ing for democracy.

Racial inter­re­la­tions has a long and com­plic­ated his­tory. Accord­ing to psy­cho­lo­gic­al researches pre­ju­dice and dis­crim­in­a­tion prob­lems still exist in every society.

Even people who think they’re not racist may have uncon­scious thoughts that can some­times lead to dis­crim­in­at­ory beha­vi­ors. How­ever, the research also shows that con­tact between people of dif­fer­ent racial back­grounds can reduce ste­reo­typ­ing and prejudice.

We need to speak about the prob­lem of dis­crim­in­a­tion because many of us do not even think that the prob­lem still exists in the 21 century.

We advoc­ate for the equal treat­ment of people of all genders, races, reli­gions, social or eth­nic background.

Human­ity has no gender or race! Dis­crim­in­a­tion, ste­reo­typ­ing and bias can lead to exclu­sion and mar­gin­al­iz­a­tion. It’s the 21st-cen­tury, equal­ity for everyone!!!

This lineup fea­tures indi­vidu­als and organ­iz­a­tions who we sup­port and who sup­port us 

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