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Tom Mayne is a research fel­low at the Uni­ver­sity of Exeter. For twelve years he was respons­ible for Euras­i­an invest­ig­a­tions at Glob­al Wit­ness, an anti-cor­rup­tion NGO that cam­paigns to end the exploit­a­tion of nat­ur­al resources. He is an author of pub­lic­a­tions on Gul­nara Karimova’s case, over­view of unex­plained wealth order cases and pos­sible enabling or com­pli­cit prac­tices regard­ing money-laun­der­ing in three dif­fer­ent but related areas: bank­ing, real estate, and repu­ta­tion man­age­ment.

Fatima Kanji is Research and Policy Man­ager at the Inter­na­tion­al State Crime Ini­ti­at­ive and sits on ISCI’s Exec­ut­ive Board . She holds an MA in Inter­na­tion­al Peace and Secur­ity (War Stud­ies), Depart­ment of War Stud­ies, King’s Col­lege Lon­don and has pre­vi­ously con­duc­ted field research on women’s rights in Jordan. She has pre­vi­ously under­taken pro-bono work at the UN-ICTY in The Hag­ue and the UK Parliament.

Leila Nazgul Seiit­bek is a Cent­ral Asi­an dis­sid­ent, a law­yer, human rights act­iv­ist and cam­paign­er. She is enrolled in Uni­ver­sity of Vienna Law School. She authored and co-authored anti-cor­rup­tion reports and reports on sexu­al viol­ence against women.

Nazgul Suiun­baeva is a crim­in­al defense law­yer with over 20 years of exper­i­ence. She gradu­ated from Osh State Uni­ver­sity Law School with excel­lence. She was a defense law­yer in cases ini­ti­ated after the 2010 Osh eth­nic clashes in Kyrgyz­stan. Her cli­ents include vic­tims of tor­ture and cor­rup­tion, eth­nic minor­it­ies and polit­ic­ally per­se­cuted indi­vidu­als.

Michael Laub­sch is a polit­ic­al sci­ent­ist, was a research­er in the Ger­man Bundestag, and a con­sult­ant to the SPD fac­tion on Cent­ral and East­ern Europe. He earned an M.A. in Polit­ic­al Sci­ence, East­ern European His­tory and Philo­sophy from Bonn Uni­ver­sity. He is an inde­pend­ent expert on the Cent­ral Asia region and was an advisor to the European Par­lia­ment, the EU Com­mis­sion, the European Coun­cil and the Par­lia­ment­ary Assembly, as well as the OSCE. He took part in hear­ings in the U.S. Con­gress on the polit­ic­al and eco­nom­ic situ­ation in Cent­ral Asia. In 2005, at the invit­a­tion of the Pres­id­ent of the Repub­lic of Kyrgyz­stan, he was in Bishkek, where he advised the Pres­id­ent on issues of con­sti­tu­tion­al con­struc­tion, polit­ic­al and eco­nom­ic devel­op­ment. Since 2016, he is dir­ect­ing the press activ­it­ies of the European Cit­izens’ Ini­ti­at­ive „STOP EXTREMISM“. In con­nec­tion with this work, he became a well-known expert on the top­ics of extrem­ism, polit­ic­al Islam, integ­ra­tion and EU val­ues. In addi­tion, Michael is mem­ber of the edit­or­i­al board of MENA Research Cen­ter, a news and ana­lys­is online pub­lic­a­tion in Vienna. He also con­trib­utes to the Aus­tri­an magazine „Sha­lom“ with art­icles on Jew­ish life.

Wil­li­am Nicoll is an award-win­ning journ­al­ist, edit­or and TV director—who has writ­ten fea­tures, ana­lys­is, reviews and essays for more than 30 news­pa­pers and magazines. Select titles include Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health, New­s­week, The Fin­an­cial Times, The Spec­tat­or and The Wall Street Journal.