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Who Enabled the Uzbek Princess?

What does Uzbekistan's "klepto-baby", Gulnara Karimova, teaches us about enablers and asset repatriation to help civil society gear up? Gulnara Karimova is one of the most recognizable faces of kleptocracy. While she has been convicted for her crimes in Uzbekistan, other kleptocracy dynasties continue to rampantly steal their countries’ coffers with impunity - from Equatorial Guinea's…

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Karakalpakstan Процесс в Бухаре – мнение правозащитника

Вчера (31 января) в Бухаре был оглашен приговор по делу 22 человек, обвиняемых в связи с волнениями в Каракалпакстане 1-2 июля 2022 года. Хотелось бы высказать свою позицию по этому резонансному делу. Процесс действительно был необычным с точки зрения сложившихся в Узбекистане реалий. Была доступна он-лайн видеотрансляция части заседаний, где подсудимые и их адвокаты излагали…

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Analytical report (Updated)

The countries of Central Asia and other members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) as a tool to circumvent sanctions against the Russian Federation, its legal entities and individuals Freedom for Eurasia January 2023 After the beginning of the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation (RF) against…

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Authorities in Kyrgyzstan must stop the detentions of critics, civil activists and members of the committee to protect the Kempirabad reservoir, cease the searches of homes and seizures of property, and immediately release everyone arrested in connection to the criticism of the authorities, including the members of that committee who were taken into custody during…

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