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Human rights viol­a­tions and cor­rup­tion are wide­spread at all levels in all coun­tries that share a Soviet past and some of their neigh­bors in Euras­ia region. Not only the polit­ic­al oppon­ents of regimes, crit­ics, human rights defend­ers, journ­al­ists, but also ordin­ary cit­izens who try to fight against viol­a­tions of their rights and res­ist cor­rup­tion face bru­tal repris­als and sup­pres­sion by the author­it­ies, who have the repress­ive state appar­at­us, law enforce­ment agen­cies, secret ser­vice and judi­ciary at their dis­pos­al to sup­press dissent.