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Things You Can Do Right Now

Join Humanum Movement

Every year we organ­ize dozens of parades, peace­ful protests, parties, work­shops, lec­tures and art exhib­i­tions to share our vis­ion of the human rights prob­lems with the world. Our organ­iz­a­tion was foun­ded exclus­ively by volun­teers and people who can not stay indif­fer­ent to the injustice and dis­crim­in­a­tion which exist in the society.

We Must Speak to Be Heard

Social Awareness

Every sum­mer people of every gender, reli­gion and col­or gath­er on the streets for a cel­eb­ra­tion of love, equal­ity, human­ity and joy.

Last Year Humanum Parade

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Why It Is Important

We should be allowed to be who we really are. We must stop the obvi­ous oppres­sion to reach a com­mon under­stand­ing. People need to tol­er­ate dif­fer­ent cul­tures and backgrounds!

Paul Bridges

Chris­it­in­a’s Friend

Nation­al­ity can­’t be banned! That’s why people are free to be who they are and not be pun­ished or cri­ti­cized for it! I was born in Africa and I am proud of my ori­gin and my culture!

Jenna Henry

Christin­a’s Mom

Love has neither col­or nor ori­ent­a­tion. I strongly believe that every­one has the right to love and be loved. People are equal no mat­ter what the col­or of your skin is or what gender you are. 

Lola Jameson

Christin­a’s Sister
Freedom For Eurasia
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