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Karakalpakstan: Official lists of the dead and wounded and discussion about the number of victims. February 2023

Events in Karakalpakstan: official lists of the dead and wounded and a discussion about the number of victims


This material was prepared as part of an investigation into the events in Karakalpakstan, organized by Freedom for Eurasia (Austria) with the participation of human rights activists from other countries. The review being published is a preliminary version of one of the sections of the report, which is scheduled for completion in April 2023. On some of the facts mentioned in the text, Freedom for Eurasia sent a request to the authorities of Uzbekistan.

The unjustified and disproportionate use of force during the suppression of unrest in Karakalpakstan on July 1–2, 2022 gave impetus to discussions (often very emotional) about the number of victims. These discussions, which were reflected in social networks and the media, were soon “frozen” due to the difficulty of obtaining additional information. Recently, human rights activists managed to get access to the official lists of the dead and wounded, attached to the materials of the criminal case against the first group of 22 participants of protests convicted in January of this year. This review examines the issue of the number of victims, taking into account these and other new materials that have become available recently.

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