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Our Goals, Vision and Mission

Freedom for Eurasia was established to support people’s fight for:

1 Free­dom of Speech, Con­science, Reli­gion, Asso­ci­ation and Assembly

2 Integ­rity and Fair­ness of Elections

3 Rule of Law, Access to Fair Tri­al, Equal Justice, Inde­pend­ent Judiciary

4 Fight Against Corruption

5 Gov­ern­ments Account­ab­il­ity To Its Citizens

6 Safe­guard­ing the Rights of Every Person

7 Demo­crat­ic Reforms

Holding those in power accountable

Ana­lys­is of cases of viol­a­tions com­mit­ted against cit­izens rights.

Advocacy dir­ectly with gov­ern­ments and decision-makers, and through pub­lic campaigns.

Support and expertise

Through train­ing, expert­ise, innov­a­tion, the organ­iz­a­tion sup­ports loc­al act­iv­ists, leg­al pro­fes­sion­als and con­trib­utes to increased capa­city to drive change.