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Safer Sooner Report

1,700 leaders. 843 organizations. 128 countries.

It’s time to level the law for survivors worldwide.

On Feb­ru­ary 20, 2020, the Every Woman Insti­tute released its first-ever Safer Soon­er Report. The Safer Soon­er Report iden­ti­fies gaps under cur­rent inter­na­tion­al sys­tems in address­ing and pre­vent­ing viol­ence against women and girls, and maps out a path to a world where every woman can claim her right to live free from violence.

This report reflects over six years of research and dia­logue with 1,700 lead­ers and 843 organ­iz­a­tions from 128 coun­tries. These experts, organ­iz­a­tions, and com­munity lead­ers all came to the con­sensus that the Every Woman Treaty, a stand alone treaty to end, and pre­vent, viol­ence against women and girls, is the best next step.

It’s time to level the law for sur­viv­ors world­wide. Read the full report: