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Who We Are

Free­dom for Euras­ia is a polit­ic­ally and reli­giously inde­pend­ent non-gov­ern­ment­al human rights organ­iz­a­tion that was estab­lished for the pur­pose of: 

Inform­ing the inter­na­tion­al com­munity on fun­da­ment­al, human, civil and polit­ic­al rights issues in the region covered by organization

Mon­it­or­ing the actions of gov­ern­ments and wheth­er they are in com­pli­ance with country’s inter­na­tion­al obligations

Edu­cat­ing oth­ers about cur­rent human rights abuses, edu­cat­ing oth­ers about rights 

Fun­drais­ing for vic­tims of human rights abuses 

Advoc­at­ing for human rights, sup­port­ing loc­al or region­al act­iv­ism and human rights defenders. 

The organ­iz­a­tion is based in Aus­tria and works internationally